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Benefits Of Dental Implants

In the past, your only options for replacing missing teeth were bridges or traditional dentures. Today, dental implants offer a better solution for the right candidates. Dr. Andrew Glenn in Lincoln, NE, can help you achieve an attractive smile, eat what you want, and speak without fear of your dentures moving or falling out.  Implants are also the only treatment that can stop the jaw atrophy (shrinkage) that happens after teeth are lost. The benefits of dental implants make them an option that anyone who has suffered tooth loss should consider.

implant crown

Because implants anchor your restoration directly to the jaw, they restore the total function of your smile.

Functional Benefits

Dental implants provide many functional advantages:

  • Unmatched stability: One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they will not allow your restorations to slip or move in your mouth.
  • Improved speech: Long-term denture wearers often complain that their dentures move around when speaking. This can cause you to mumble or slur your words, which is embarrassing and frustrating. You will not have that problem with dental implants.
  • Optimal comfort: Traditional dentures can sometimes leave sore spots due to movement. Since dental implants hold dentures in place just like natural teeth, you can expect a far more comfortable bite.
  • A Long-lasting Solution: Dental implants have been found to last 40 years or longer with proper care. Although your restorations may eventually need to be replaced, your implants likely will not.

Aesthetic Benefits

Traditional dentures can be unstable, which is often noticeable to those around you. Since implants keep your dentures in place at all times, those around you probably will not notice that you are wearing a restoration. In addition, modern dental materials used to create your restorations are designed to mimic the lifelike translucency of natural enamel. We can coordinate care to restore your smile in a way that looks absolutely natural.

Dental implants have been found to last 40 years or longer with proper care.

Oral Health Benefits

To place a tooth-supported bridge, your doctor will need to remove healthy tissue from surrounding teeth. This is not necessary with dental implants. Because they do not rely on the adjacent teeth for support, they allow you to keep healthy teeth intact.

Because dental implants replace tooth roots, they provide the stimulation needed to retain bone tissue in the jaw. Traditional dentures require ongoing adjustments to accommodate for bone loss in the jaw, but implants allow you to sidestep this issue. With dental implants, the need for adjustments becomes far less frequent.

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Dental implants can eliminate problems associated with traditional restorative treatments, giving you a permanent solution that can improve how you eat, speak, and smile. Dr. Glenn has over a decade of experience in providing quality patient care and advanced treatment for a number of complex dental needs. He als offers financing options, including CareCredit® payment plans, to help you take advantage of this often life-changing treatment. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment or call (402) 421-3401.

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My anxiety has been through the roof the past 3 weeks but I would have never imagined it could be so easy. Thank you Dr Glenn! He has made the whole experience amazing! If you are looking for a knowledgable, caring and talented surgeon, look no further! Dr. Andrew Glenn is awesome! I have never been a fan of the dentist's office!!!
Wanda Moses
June 2016

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