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Understanding Dental Implants Surgery

Three older men smiling outdoorsIf you are missing teeth, dental implants can provide a lifetime of unparalleled support for dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Before undergoing dental implants surgery at our Lincoln, NE, practice, Dr. Andrew Glenn can explain the details of your procedure and answer any questions you might have. Thanks to his meticulous care and use of advanced technology, you can experience optimal results with minimal discomfort. Contact our practice today to learn more about dental implants surgery.

Planning Your Procedure

To ensure he achieves the best results possible, Dr. Glenn will carefully plan your implant surgery by taking cone beam scans to create a three-dimensional image of your jaw. These scans allow us to spot signs of bone recession (a common side effect of tooth loss) and identify the ideal placement locations for the implanted posts. Dr. Glenn can also combine cone beam scans with innovative computer software in order to design a precise, individualized surgical plan. If we find that you do not qualify for implants surgery because of limited jawbone density, Dr. Glenn may recommend a bone grafting procedure to improve your candidacy. During this procedure, Dr. Glenn will take healthy bone tissue and transfer it to a weakened area of your jaw to increase its density and mass.

What to Expect during Surgery

When you arrive for dental implants surgery, we will begin by numbing the surgical site. To ensure the comfort of our patients, we also offer multiple sedation options, and we can help you select the type of sedation that is right for you based on your unique needs and personal preferences. Once you are at ease, Dr. Glenn will create an incision in your gum line and place the implants directly into the jaw.

The number of implants being placed will depend on the type of restoration you will be receiving. For example, a crown will require only one implant, while a partial denture will require two or more. If you are going to receive an implant-supported complete denture, your restoring dentist can secure this prosthesis with only four dental implants t the innovative All-on-4® technique.

Recovery and Osseointegration

After surgery with traditional implants, the embedded posts will be left to heal for four to six months. During this time, the implants will fuse with the jawbone through a natural process known as osseointegration. This implant-to-bone integration allows patients to enjoy restorations with an unmatched level of strength and stability. Additionally, osseointegration also helps to return stimulation to the jaw and halt bone recession that occurs after tooth loss.

Dr. Glenn will work in conjunction with a dentist who specializes in the restoration of dental implants to plan the creation of your crown, bridge, or denture. When you return to our office for your final appointment, we will secure your permanent restoration firmly in place. In some cases, we can perform surgery using same-day implants, which can support a restoration on the same day of surgery. Dr. Glenn will listen to your goals for treatment to determine the type of implants that will best meet your unique needs.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More

Dr. Glenn has more than a decade of experience in oral surgery and uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve exceptional results. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Glenn, reach out to our practice today.

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My anxiety has been through the roof the past 3 weeks but I would have never imagined it could be so easy. Thank you Dr Glenn! He has made the whole experience amazing! If you are looking for a knowledgable, caring and talented surgeon, look no further! Dr. Andrew Glenn is awesome! I have never been a fan of the dentist's office!!!
Wanda Moses
June 2016

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